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February 1, 2017Alerts

Act Today to Preserve Medicaid for People with Disabilities

Friends –

Disability Rights Pennsylvania is joining a national action to urge our network to participate in call-in days today and tomorrow to protect Medicaid.

Medicaid is the primary source of insurance for individuals with disabilities and the new Congress is considering plans to restructure and cut funding to Medicaid and Medicare.

Disability Rights Pennsylvania urges you to join our effort to protect Medicaid.


The proposed changes would:

  1. Repeal the expansion of Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act.
  2. Block grant Medicaid.  A block grant would leave Pennsylvania with one pot of federal money instead of providing a match to the Pennsylvania’s share of actual costs.  Pennsylvania would be responsible for any costs beyond the federal share.  If our State didn’t have the resources to support Medicaid at its current spending, then we would likely see cuts through reduction in services, eligibility or higher waiting lists.  Block grants would likely end Medicaid as an entitlement.
  3. Medicaid as a Per Capita Cap.  In this proposal, the federal government would provide Pennsylvania with a set fee per individual versus the actual costs for health or mental health care needs.  Setting an amount without regard to an individualized plan would likely lead to a cut in the federal allotment to Pennsylvania. Children on Medicaid, including children with disabilities and complex health care needs, currently have an entitlement to virtually all the medical services they need. The proposed changes would likely eviscerate that right.
  4. In any scenario, the likely result would be a loss or reduction in Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) such as attendant care in the home.  These services are necessary for many people with disabilities to work and live in their communities.


There are 3 things you can do to today and tomorrow to protect Medicaid.

  1. Share this alert with your friends and family.
  2. Use the opportunity below to call or write a letter to your members of Congress to oppose changes to Medicaid.
  3. Support DRP with a financial contribution to help us continue our efforts to protect Medicaid. Click here to donate to DRP.


The national call-in number is 866-426-2631.  This number is provided by SEIU.  Those who call will hear a brief overview of the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and Medicare before being asked to enter their zip code and being transferred to their members of Congress.

Click here to send a letter to your member of Congress.


Thank you,

Disability Rights Pennsylvania
Offices in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh