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January 22, 2019Advocacy Matters

Listen to Advocacy Matters for January 22, 2019: Sheltered Workshops and Sub-minimum Wage

Some workers with disabilities are paid a sub-minimum wage based on a law that was passed in the last century.

In 1938, President Franklin Roosevelt, who acted to put a stop to child and adult worker exploitation and to set standards for worker’s rights, worked with Congress to pass the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The Fair Labor Standards Act is still law today.

Listen to Advocacy Matters for January 8, 2019: Partial Federal Government Shutdown

Each week, DRP CEO Peri Jude Radecic will appear on Disability Matters with Host Joyce Bender, about halfway through the show, to discuss a topic of importance to the rights of individuals with disabilities.

Download Partial Transcript: January 22, 2019

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