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May 24, 2016Alerts

Approximately 33,000 Pennsylvanians receiving SNAP benefits at risk of losing their food stamps on June 1


The federal SNAP (food stamp) program limits the amount of time that able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs) can receive benefits unless the person meets an exemption or meets certain work requirements.  Because of improving unemployment rates in many parts of Pennsylvania, the 3-month time limit for ABAWDs has come back.   Individuals who meet the exemption must complete a form and submit

People ages 18-50, not living with children and not exempt, can only get 3 months of food stamps in 3 years unless they are working 20 hours a week or doing community service for 26 hours a month.  People in drug and alcohol (D&A) treatment programs are exempt from the time limit, but currently these people have to notify the County Assistance Office of their status and verify their participation in D&A treatment.

Currently about 33,000 Pennsylvanians are in expected to lose their food stamps on June 1 as a result of the reinstated time limit.  The flyer in the links below provides more information and includes the counties and cities where the time limit does NOT apply.

Click the links below to read information from Community Legal Services on the time limit on SNAP benefits, a list of the exemptions, and to access the form to verify the exemption.

SNAP Time Limit for ABAWDs: What Community Groups Should Know

ABAWD Time Limit Medical Exemption Form

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