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December 11, 2012Alerts

Autism Living And Working, Inc. (ALAW): Ogden Gardens-A housing opportunity for people with autism/ASD; Now Accepting Applications

Forwarded by the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania –

Friends –

Autism Living And Working, Inc. (ALAW) Ogden Gardens is accepting applications.  Please email or call 267-322-5800 to apply.

Ogden Gardens is a 3,100 square foot home for four adults with autism/ASD located in West Philadelphia.  Each resident will have his/her own bedroom, his/her own bathroom, and his/her own sitting area. Residents will share living, dining, kitchen and sensory rooms.  The home will also include an office for staff and residents and one common bathroom.  A porch, back patio and off-street parking ring this masonry traditional style home.

Ogden Gardens is the nation’s first house exclusively for adults with autism/ASD, using U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 811 funds.

Monthly rent including utilities for each resident will not exceed 30% of his/her gross monthly income, if income qualifications are met.

Thank you,

Autism Living And Working, Inc. (ALAW)
8 Penn Center – Suite 1600
1628 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(267) 322-5800