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May 2, 2017Alerts

Call Your Representative TODAY on Healthcare!

Friends –

Congress is likely to call a floor vote on the Affordable Care Act repeal bill, including the MacArthur Amendment, before Thursday when the House Members are scheduled to go on recess for a week.  The level of cuts over time would decimate the Medicaid program and create huge increases in premiums for people with pre-existing conditions that would essentially make coverage unobtainable due to cost. The House of Representatives is likely to vote this week.

People’s health, services and lives are at stake! We urgently need advocates, family members, and self-advocates to reach out to their Senators and Representatives and tell them to stop the repeal of the ACA and the cuts to Medicaid.  Advocates need to explain why the ACA and Medicaid are essential to people with disabilities and their families. Share your personal stories about how Medicaid services have helped you to access health care, treatment, and services to remain at home.  Share how Home and Community Based Services have helped you to remain independent.

Click here for contact information for your Congressional Representative and Senator.

Thank you,

Disability Rights Pennsylvania
Offices in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh