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July 1, 2013Alerts

Continue the Fight for Medicaid Expansion. Call Your Representative Today!

Forwarded by the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania –

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From Cover the Commonwealth –

Our state senators JUST voted to pass Medicaid expansion.  

One year ago the Supreme Court ruled the health care law is constitutional, but states have the option to expand Medicaid.  Pennsylvania’s State Senate said YES to this option.

YES to the 700,000 Lives on the Line; YES to the $43 billion in federal funds; YES to the 40,000 new jobs; and YES to protecting our hospitals.

Now the biggest hurdle yet:  Pennsylvania’s House.  Call or email your Representative today.  If you know your Representative’s name, dial 1-800-515-8134.

Leave a message or send an email that says “My name is X.  I live on X Street in X Town.  Please vote YES on Medicaid Expansion.  Thank you.”

If you don’t know your Representative’s name, you can look it up here where you can also find his or her telephone number and email address.

Do you have another 30 seconds?  Call House Leader Turzai.  His number is 717-772-9943.  Tell him to allow a vote on the floor.  Leave a message:  “I’m calling to ask that you allow the House to vote on Medicaid expansion.  Thanks!”

Health care advocates like you have been fighting for Medicaid expansion for the past year.  Help us bring this home!

Thank you,

Antoinette Kraus
Pennsylvania Health Access Network