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September 25, 2012Alerts

Copay Notices Out – Check Income!

Forwarded by the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania –

Friends –

DPW has started to mail out notices to families of children with disabilities who may be subject to the copays.  Because both the obligation to pay copays and the cap on the amount of copays a family will have to pay depends on the amount of parental income as listed in DPW’s records, it is essential families check the notice they get to be sure that the income listed is correct.  We know of several families whose letters listed incomes well above their actual incomes.

If the income listed in your letter is incorrect, you should:

First – file an appeal.  Attached to the notice is information about filing an appeal.  Read it carefully and follow the instructions.  Make a copy of the notice and your appeal and, if possible, mail it certified mail so you have a receipt to prove when it was mailed.

Second – call your child’s caseworker at the County Assistance Office (not your child’s case manager or supports coordinator).  If you can get through, tell them you have filed an appeal and will be sending them copies of paystubs or other documents verifying your current income.

Third – make copies of paystubs or other documents verifying your current income and mail them (certified mail if possible) to your County Assistance Office.  Make sure to put your child’s name and case number on each document (in case these documents get separated).  Include a copy of the notice you received.


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