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March 26, 2013Alerts

Cover the Commonwealth Campaign: Statewide Day of Action for Healthcare

Friends –

Our lawmakers in Harrisburg have a choice:

Accept $43.3 billion in federal funds set for 700,000 Pennsylvanians to get health care coverage OR leave that money on the table and most of those folks without healthcare.

Call or email your state lawmaker today. Tell them to take the billions in federal funds and expand Medicaid.

Click here for the number or email address. Never called or emailed before? It’s easy and HUGE difference!

Step 1) Click here.

Step 2) Leave a message with a receptionist or machine, or send an email. An example is: “Hi! My name is __ and I live at __ and I’m calling to say Pennsylvania should accept the billions in federal funds to expand Medicaid. Thank you.”

Step 3) Let the campaign know that you called or emailed. Email

Why the urgency? This campaign is heating up. State lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have come out in support. Some are still wavering. Others feel uncomfortable moving forward because they haven’t heard from anyone in their districts.

Change that. Call or email your state lawmaker today.
Pennsylvania has an unprecedented opportunity to use federal funds to drastically reduce our uninsured rate which will save lives, save taxpayer money, and create jobs. Medicaid expansion will also enable Pennsylvania to restore critical dollars to the state mental health budget.

Call or email your state representative and state senator today and tell them: Take the billions set aside to extend the Medicaid program today!

Thank you for your support.
Email Athena Ford at with questions.

Thank you,

Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg