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June 28, 2013Alerts

Don’t Forget to Call Your Legislator Today; Urge Them to Support Medicaid Expansion

Forwarded by the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania –

Friends –

A Message from Cover the Commonwealth

Medicaid Expansion Calls for Today!

The Senate is considering bringing Medicaid up for a vote soon and we need to make sure it happens!  This week is the deciding factor in whether we get Medicaid passed this budget season and your calls will make all the difference.  Please take two minutes to call one or all of the Senators below and tell them “I support Medicaid expansion and I urge the Senator to do what’s right for Pennsylvania and vote in support of Medicaid expansion today.”  Please also forward to your lists and ask them to do the same.

  • Senator Pileggi: (717) 787-4712
  • Senator Greenleaf:  (717) 787-6599
  • Senator Tomlinson: (717) 787-5072

If you’re feeling extra eager to help at this crucial time, you can also Click Here to quickly email your legislator and Governor Corbett.

That’s it for today.  I’ll be in touch tomorrow with what will probably be our last ask of legislators we’d like you to reach out to for this budget season. Please forward this to your lists and encourage them to take a couple minutes and be a part of securing health care for over half a million uninsured Pennsylvanians.

Thanks for all you do!

The Philadelphia Alliance
3300 Henry Avenue 
Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19129
Phone: (267) 385-7440 
Fax: (267) 385-6956     

Together we will make a difference for health access in PA!