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September 12, 2016Alerts

Everyday Lives: Values in Action Webinars with Deputy Secretary Thaler

Forwarded on behalf of Office of Developmental Programs.

Friends –

Please see below and click here for the announcement, about upcoming webinars from the Office of Developmental Programs.

Please help the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) to widely distribute this announcement:  Announcement 063-16:  Everyday Lives:  Values in Action Webinars with Deputy Secretary Thaler.

Audience: All Interested Parties

Purpose:  To announce three (3) webinars being hosted by the Office of Developmental Programs’ Deputy Secretary Nancy Thaler to discuss Everyday Lives:  Values in Action.

Discussion:  In the same tradition as the first Everyday Lives publication issued in 1991, our most recent publication Everyday Lives:  Values In Action, affirms our dedication to making it possible for everyone to live a life of meaning and joy.

Please review the announcement for details on dates/times for the three webinars and instructions on how to complete your registration.  Please note, registration is required.

Thank you for your assistance.

Jackie Epstein, ODP Training and Communications Director