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December 5, 2012Alerts

From the FCC: Wireless RERC Survey on Emergency Communications and People with Disabilities

Forwarded by the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania –

Friends –

The FCC Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau provide the following information as a public service:

The Wireless Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (Wireless RERC) recently launched a new survey on emergency communications and people with disabilities.  Among other things, the survey seeks input on the use of social media in connection with these communications.

Emergency communications generally include two main components:  1) contacting emergency response services (911 services) for help; and 2) receiving public emergency alerts for events like severe weather and other natural events, Amber Alerts for missing children, and other emergencies.

For more information about the survey, please visit the Wireless RERC website at

To take the survey, click on the following link:

Note that the FCC is merely passing along the survey for your information only; we do not specifically endorse its contents.  If you have questions or wish to take the survey over the phone or on paper, please contact John Morris from the Wireless RERC at 404-367-1348 or by e-mail to

Thank you,

Ron Hager
Senior Staff Attorney
National Disability Rights Network (NDRN)
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