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July 7, 2020Advocacy Matters

H.R. 2: The Moving Forward Act 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 

#AdvocacyMatters Segment 


H.R. 2, The Moving Forward Act 


It has been 30 years since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities ActOne of the major barriers that remain for disabled people in transportation is Amtrak

The advocacy community has never stopped our work to make Amtrak more accessibleOver the years there have been some successesFor example, some station platforms are accessible but not allAfter 30 years, this is not acceptable

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed, H.R. 2, The Moving Forward ActH.R. 2 is a large infrastructure bill that includes the reauthorization of many surface transportation programs that were set to expire in the fallIn addition, the legislation requires Amtrak to finally perform a comprehensive assessment study to determine their compliance with the Americans with Disabilities ActThe legislation also requires an improved ADA complaint process with the Office of Civil Rights at the Federal Transit Administration.

The legislation has other important transportation components for disabled people.

The bill now heads to the U.S. Senate


Your help is neededIt is time Amtrak follows the ADA and H.R. 2; The Moving Forward Act helps us get there.

Call or write to your U.S. Senator and let them know that they should support this bill with the accessibility components for Amtrak and move it quickly before time runs out on the congressional calendar.

We have a link to the bill and to the members of the U.S. Senate on our website at

There are not a lot of congressional working days left on the calendar.

The House and Senate return to Washington for a 2-week work period on July 20thWe have a link to the House and Senate calendars on our website at

We have links to H.R. 2, a fact sheet on H.R. 2 and a press release about the accessible transportation aspects of the Moving Forward Act from the National Disability Rights Network.

We need your help to act now before the Senate returns from their July 4th recess.


H.R. 2, The Moving Forward Act – Fact Sheet 

National Disability Rights Network Press Release

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