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April 14, 2014Alerts

Important Information from N.C.A.R.T. (National Coalition on Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies)

Forwarded by the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania –

Friends –

As N.C.A.R.T. has reported, problems continue with Medicare beneficiaries having access to wheelchair repairs.  This problem impacts both Competitive Bidding Areas and non-Competitive Bidding Areas.  In an effort to get needed changes made N.C.A.R.T. has been meeting and communicating with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as part of a national Work Group which includes United Spinal Association, the ITEM Coalition, AA Homecare, and others.  Note that this concerns Medicare, not Medicaid (Medical Assistance).

According to CMS, it is “not aware of any access problems” regarding Medicare beneficiaries getting wheelchair repairs.  N.C.A.R.T. has an in-person meeting with CMS on May 15 and in advance of that is looking to gather data that will illustrate the problems beneficiaries are having.

To help gather that data, two new tools have been developed by the Work Group.  N.C.A.R.T. is asking consumer groups, clinicians, providers, and manufacturers to get Medicare beneficiaries and other wheelchair users to make use of them:

1) A website has been established that allows a Medicare beneficiary to send an email directly to their members of Congress asking them to “Fix Access To Medicare Wheelchair Repairs”.  The email can be accessed at

2) A “Wheelchair Repair Survey” has been developed through United Spinal and ITEM.  This will help gather real data from both Medicare and other beneficiaries on accessibility to timely and professional wheelchair repairs.  This survey can be accessed from the email website above or directly at

Note, this does not replace the need for Medicare beneficiaries to call and share their wheelchair repair problems at 1-800-MEDICARE.  They should still do that so CMS is hearing about problems through their internal reporting system.

Please share this information with anyone who has concerns or problems relating to wheelchair repairs.  Particularly providers – be sure your customer service and repair staff have this information to point your customers to.

Thanks for spreading the word and encouraging Medicare beneficiaries who depend on their wheelchairs to let their voices be heard.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact —

Donald E. Clayback
Executive Director | N.C.A.R.T.
716-839-9728 (office) | 716-913-4754 (cell) |

Thank you,

Donald E. Clayback
Executive Director | N.C.A.R.T.