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October 3, 2012Alerts

Important Information From Pennsylvania Health Law Project Regarding Medical Assistance Co-pays for Children with Disabilities

Please see the important information below from the Pennsylvania Health Law Project regarding Medical Assistance co-pays for children with disabilities.  DRN agrees with the advice and information provided below and urges those interested in this issue to contact your state representative and senator to express your opinions and concerns.

Friends –

I have heard that people who call the DPW phone number on the copay notice to report inaccurate income information are being told they don’t need to appeal and a form will be sent out to correct the income information.

I strongly advise families not to surrender their appeal rights on the verbal assurances of an unnamed person who happens to answer the phone.  It’s perfectly fine to call DPW’s Statewide Customer Center at 1-877-395-8930 or in Philadelphia at 1-215-560-7226, but file your appeal as well!  You can always withdraw it once you have confirmation that your income information has been corrected.

I have been asked if families whose income is correctly stated in their notice can appeal generally against the imposition of the copays.  No – appeals in this situation are limited to disputes of fact – namely, the amount of income listed or the current members of your household.  However, you do have the right to express your opinions and concerns to your State Representative and State Senator.

For more information about family efforts to resolve these copay concerns through the political process, go to

For the latest information on the copays, sign up for our free webinar this Friday at noon by going to  The webinar will be archived and posted at that site for people who cannot participate this Friday.

Thank you,

David Gates
Pennsylvania Health Law Project