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October 27, 2015Alerts

Is the Pennsylvania budget impasse affecting you or a family member?

Let your lawmakers and the Governor know!

Pennsylvania does not yet have a budget for this fiscal year that started on July 1. Negotiations are continuing. Click here for DRN’s recommendations for a final budget that fully funds disability-related services in the community.

Are you or a family member affected because there is no state budget? It is important that the General Assembly and the Governor’s Office hear from you.

Click here for your Senator and Representative.

Click here for the Governor’s Office.

Information to provide your Senator, Representative, and the Governor’s Office:

  • Your name
  • Where you live
  • If you are a person with a disability and/or a family member
  • How not having a final state budget has affected you or a family member. Have community services been denied? Have services been cut? Are you or a family member waiting for services?
  • Thank your Senator, Representative, and the Governor for working toward a final state budget that fully funds services for people with disabilities.

Thank you,

Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania
Offices in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh