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June 4, 2014Alerts

June 9 Medicaid Expansion Event

Friends –

We are going to the Capitol on June 9 with a simple message…and that is CLOSE THE BUDGET GAP BY CLOSING THE COVERAGE GAP:  EXPAND MEDICAID NOW!

Right now, Pennsylvania is facing a $1.3 billion budget shortfall — a huge gap lawmakers will have to close before June 30th.

We know just how they can do it:  By saying YES to Medicaid Expansion and expanding coverage before June 30th. 

Opting in to draw down federal funding would expand health care coverage for working Moms, veterans, and low-income Pennsylvanians trapped in the “Pennsylvania Gap” and allow lawmakers to secure more than $600 million in savings and new revenue for the upcoming fiscal year.

We can close the budget gap by closing the coverage gap.  It’s that simple. 

Click here to join us — either in person at the Capitol, or in spirit, by pledging to call your representatives that day.  Invite your friends on Facebook too!

Thank you,

Kelly A. Whitcraft
Policy Coordinator/Advocate
Disability Rights Network (DRN) of PA
1414 N. Cameron Street, Suite C
Harrisburg, PA 17103
TTY: 1-877-375-7139
Fax: 717-236-0192