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June 25, 2013Alerts

Medicaid Expansion Vote Tomorrow, June 26! Call or email your Legislator NOW.

From the Cover the Commonwealth Campaign –

Medicaid Expansion Vote Tomorrow, June 26!

Tomorrow (June 26), the House Human Services Committee is scheduled to vote on Medicaid Expansion.  The committee had to postpone the vote from today until tomorrow because they would not have had enough votes today.  It’s urgent that you call or email your legislator, whether they are a Democrat or a Republican, and tell them to attend tomorrow’s meeting and vote in support of HB 1492, Representative DiGirolamo’s bill to expand Medicaid.

In order for the bill to be voted out of committee, we need all Democratic representatives available and at least 4 Republicans voting in favor.  Please call or email your legislator or the 4 representatives we are focusing on below. Find the HHS Committee Members Here.

Additionally, the Senate is expected to vote on Medicaid expansion this week.  Please call or email your Senator and let them know you support expansion and you want them to vote on it this week.  This is important because groups who are opposed to expansion are targeting calls telling them to hold off.  To find your legislator, simply call 1-800-515-8134 and you will be directed to your legislator.  Or, you can find your Senator here.

This budget season is almost over and we’ve garnered a lot of great support with our advocacy so far.  Now is the time to keep the pressure up for the final lap!  Please take just a couple minutes to make a call or send an email today and forward this email to your lists.

Thanks for all you do,

Alyssa Goodin

Together we will make a difference for health access in Pennsylvania!