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March 24, 2020Advocacy Matters

Mental Health During a Pandemic 

Disability Matters Podcast 

March 24, 2020

Mental Health During a Pandemic 

As America contends with a massive public health crisis, many state and local governments are asking residents to stay home and participate in a community exercise of isolation. Yes, staying home is an act of community care. As we embark upon weeks—and even months—of this practice, we must take special note of protecting not only our own mental health, but the mental health care needs of those around us as beds in hospitals are reprioritized to treat COVID—19.  

Firstly, let’s talk about your own mental health:  

  • Create a schedule for your day 
  • Make sure you get out for fresh air but maintain a safe distance. 
  • Talk to friends and family using technology and tech apps 
  • If possible, reach out to your mental health care provider and ask if they do remote sessions.  

At the moment, we are dealing with a real chokehold on resources for people with disabilities and mental health diagnoses. Beds and hospitals are being reprioritized to care for the onslaught of COVID19 patients leaving many in the community in the lurch. To top it all off, legislative drafts for COVID19 economic relief has shortchanged the disability community.  

We have a couple of actions we would like you to participate in to get the point across that the disability community is not expendable and will not rest until legislators create equity for our community throughout and after this crisis.  

You can find these on our website posted under the transcript of this Advocacy Matters podcast. 

Keep up to date with COVID19 resources on our website we hope you remain safe and vigilant. 

We can only make it through this alone—together. 

Take Action!

Tell congress that people with disabilities cannot be written out of COVID19 Relief Legislation: 

Make sure congress does not weaken IDEA and Special education laws: