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April 3, 2013Alerts

ODP Letter from the Deputy and Draft ODP Long Range Goals Comments Requested—Time Sensitive

Forwarded by the Disability
Rights Network of Pennsylvania –

Friends –

The Office of Developmental Programs is seeking comments on its proposed
long-range goals.  Please note the short time frame for comments.

Please click here to read a Word version of a letter from the
Deputy Secretary inviting broad comments including any further comments you may
have on our Draft Long-range goals
To read the letter in pdf, click here.

Please click here to read our Draft Long-range goals in Word and click here to read the goals in pdf.

Thanks to all of you for working through these goals on March 20th and for your
follow-up input this past week.


Dolores Frantz
| Quality Management Director

Department of Public Welfare | Office of Developmental Programs

1000 Rte 522 | Selinsgrove, PA 17870

Phone: 570.372.5800 | Fax: 570.372.2543