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March 22, 2017Alerts

PA ABLE Savings Program Launch

Friends –

Please see the alert below from the Office of Developmental Programs.

Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella is proud to announce that the PA ABLE Savings Program (PA ABLE) will launch on April 3, 2017.  Because you have registered with us to get updates on ABLE, you are among the first to know that ABLE will be open for enrollment on that date.

To mark the opening of ABLE, Treasury is planning a launch event in Harrisburg at the Capitol Rotunda on Monday, April 3, 2017, at 12:30 p.m.  Treasurer Joe Torsella, U.S. Senator Robert Casey and PA Senator Lisa Baker will be on hand as ABLE officially opens for business.  If you are interested in attending this important event, please email us at with your name and someone will follow up with you.

By helping a loved one with a disability open a PA ABLE you will be helping him or her to take greater control of his or her own finances and, with your support, to plan for a more financially secure future.

Also, we would love to hear, and share with others, what having a PA ABLE account will mean to your family and how it will benefit you.  If you have a compelling story that we should be sharing, would you send us an email ( about it by March 24, 2017?  You might be surprised to get a phone call asking you to let Treasurer Torsella tell that story in his remarks at the event and in other ways, too!  We would love to hear stories of how ABLE will help.

Additionally, tell us if you know of an event, meeting, conference or workshop in your area where a representative from PA ABLE Savings Program could provide additional information.

Finally, please follow our Twitter handle @PATreasury for the latest updates, and help us drive the conversation with the hashtag #PAABLE.

Please celebrate with us on April 3! We want every Pennsylvanians with a qualifying disability and their families to know that ABLE has arrived and can provide the tools to build a sound financial future.

Thank you for your continued support of the PA ABLE Savings Program.

PA ABLE Savings Program Team

This program is not yet available.  And this does not constitute an offer to sell any interest in the program.  When the program becomes available, there will be a disclosure statement containing important information about the risks, costs and other details about the program.  You should not make any decision about participating in the program until you have read the disclosure statement.

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