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March 22, 2016Alerts

Pass the ABLE Act in Pennsylvania!


Contact your Representative Now to Bring ABLE Accounts to PA!

After months of advocacy, Pennsylvania’s ABLE bill SB 879 is moving and could be up for a vote in the Pennsylvania House as early as Wednesday, March 23. We need to make sure our Representatives know we need Able Accounts in Pennsylvania! SB 879 will allow Pennsylvania to create a strong and beneficial ABLE account program for people with disabilities. We need to contact our Representatives and ask them to support SB 879.

ABLE accounts allow eligible people with disabilities to save money for living expenses beyond the previous $2,000 resource limit without impacting SSI and Medical Assistance benefits. Our PA ABLE accounts would protect funds in an account after the person with a disability passes – but we have to get the legislation signed into law that will make ABLE savings accounts available here. Over thirty other states have passed ABLE legislation – it’s Pennsylvania’s time.

We are incredibly grateful to Senator Baker who introduced SB 879 and Chairman O’Neill who ensured the bill passed out of committee and into the House; because of them, we are one step closer to Pennsylvanians having access to ABLE savings accounts. Please contact your Representative now and ask them to support PA ABLE.

Click here to look up your Representative and view a sample letter that we have prepared.

Thank you,

Disability Rights Pennsylvania

Offices in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.