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January 7, 2020Advocacy Matters

Presidential Candidate Information

Disability Matters Radio Show with Joyce Bender

#Advocacy Matters Segment

January 7, 2020

Presidential Candidate Information


There is so much happening with voting and people with disabilities.

The Presidential Forum on Disability Issues, which had been scheduled for January 13th in Austin, Texas, has been postponed.  A new date has not yet been announced.

The event is collaborative effort between the American Association of People with Disabilities and the National Council on Independent Living.  Both organizations will continue to work with the campaigns and other partners to reschedule the event.

Unfortunately, the democratic presidential candidate debate was recently scheduled too close to the Forum.  The presidential debate is scheduled for  January 14th, Senators may need to be called back at any time for impeachment hearings, as well as other factors.

You can read the AAPD/NCIL press release regarding the postponement on their website.

In the meantime, AAPD’s RevUp Campaign’s Presidential Candidate Surveys are posted.  The link is on AAPD’s website and is also on our website.

Check out Republican and Democratic responses (or lack of responses) to their survey.

Today, #CripTheVote held a Twitter Town Hall Candidate Chat with Senator Elizabeth Warren from 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm.  Organizers asked Senator Warren 6 questions.  #CripTheVote has a recap of the Twitter Chat on their blogspot.

#CripTheVote will also host a live chat on twitter for the next Democratic Primary Debate on Tuesday January 14, 2020 from the same #CripTheVote website.

#AdvocacyMatters.  Thanks to AAPD, NCIL, #CripTheVote, and so many other individuals and organizations, people with disabilities have access to more information about the candidates than ever before.  Let’s keep this momentum going and show up for the forums, twitter chats and other events.