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June 3, 2013Alerts

Tell Harrisburg TODAY That You Oppose Block Grant Expansion & Support HB 806

Friends –

This week, Monday and Tuesday are critical for the people of Pennsylvania!  Act Now!!  Take a stand against HB 461 and in support of HB 806, an alternative that better serves PA!  

Oppose HB 461
On Monday, June 3, the House Health Committee meets about HB 461, which seeks to increase the Human Services Block grant from 20 to 30 counties.  An amendment will be offered that expands the bill to make the block grant available to “any willing county.”  MHAPA and many others oppose HB 461. There is no research or data to show whether the block grant has benefited (or harmed) individuals who need behavioral health services in the counties in which it’s been implemented this year.  Without knowing its impact, good or bad, we do not support expansion and neither should legislators.

Speak out NOW!  Please contact members of the House Health Committee and House leadership to oppose HB 461 and the amendment.  Find the Committee here and House leadership here.

Support HB 806
On Tuesday, June 4, the House Human Services committee meets to vote on HB 806, which is Representative Gene DiGirolamo’s alternative to the block grant proposal (HB 461).  The bill repeals the block grant but provides flexibility so counties can move unexpended funds at the end of the fiscal year.  The legislation defines “surplus human services funds” and provides guidelines for how and when the surplus can be used.  We support HB 806 but oppose any proposal that seeks to add the “any willing county” language to this bill as well.

The Human Services Committee needs to know that you support HB 806, which repeals the block grant and protects the funding for critical community-based behavioral heatlh services.  Contact the House Human Services Committee TODAY!  Find members here.  Tell them you support HB 806 but oppose the proposal to add “any willing county” to the bill.

Act today!

Thank you,

Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania