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April 9, 2013Alerts

Two New Factsheets Available from DRN Re Students with Disabilities and Their Families

Friends –

DRN has created two new fact sheets for students with disabilities and their families.

The first fact sheet is titled “Should I Graduate This Year?  A Guide for Students Who Receive Special Education Services and Their Families.” This fact sheet discusses the right of students with disabilities to continue in school through the age of 21 and to participate in decisions about their graduation.  This factsheet can be found on DRN’s website at

The second fact sheet is titled “Accessible Instructional Materials for Students with Disabilities.”  It explains how students with disabilities may qualify for accessible instructional materials.  It also describes the school’s obligation to document the need for these materials and provide these materials at the same time that other students receive their instructional materials.  It can be found on DRN’s website at

Thank you,

Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg