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May 18, 2021Jean's Journal

Update on Life During COVID

Update on Life During COVID

By Jean Searle

“Hey everybody, it’s Jean again! Thank you for checking in. There will be a lot more of Jean’s Journal in weeks to come. Please tune in next week for another edition of Jean’s Journal.”

Effects of the shutdown have been very hard for a lot of people who were working since March of last year. It was hard for me to adjust to no longer getting up out of bed for work, not using transportation and being stuck at home. Personally, it was weird being locked down because I did not feel like I could do anything. When we were finally allowed back in the community, I felt very strange wearing a mask around other people.

I was hoping to go back to work after two months or so, but I never expected to be working from home for over a year. Also, I had a fall in January and wanted to see the doctor for my hand. I wasn’t able to see my doctor in person because of COVID. I was left to just let my hand heal by itself which lucky for me it did. For people with disabilities, the past year has been so difficult on them trying to get their medication or whatever else they may need for their health. Sometimes people who needed assistance with everyday things did not have the help they needed. In the year 2021, we are hoping that things will turn around for everyone. I want everyone to live a normal and happy life without worrying about COVID.