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May 14, 2015Alerts

Update on the Budget from Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania

Friends –

It’s budget season! Click here for our statement on the budget and links to background information.

Update: It is expected that the Pennsylvania House of Representatives will consider amendments to a House budget bill the first week of June. The budget may be completed as early as June 30. Now is the time to start contacting your state Senator and Representative about the budget. Your continued advocacy is needed prior to June 30.

You can call, email, write a letter, or set a time to meet with your Senator or Representative in his or her district office. The next two weeks are an important time to contact your Representative. Schedule a visit with your Representative in his or her district office, especially the week of May 18. Click here to find your legislator.

Click here for our recent letter to the legislature about the budget. Let your Senator and Representative know about the budget items that are important for you or a family member. Explain why more funding is needed for these budget items. Share a personal story about:

  • How services in the community are important.
  • How Vocational Rehabilitation services are important.
  • How waiting for services or a lack of funding has caused harm.

Ask your Senator or Representative to contact the Chair of the Senate or House Appropriations Committee about these important budget items. If your Senator or Representative is the Chair, reach out as soon as you can.

Ask your Representative to offer amendments to the House budget bill to support increased needs. Feel free to share our letter.

Thank you for your efforts and advocacy. Please keep in touch and let us know how it goes. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We will continue to provide updates and information.

Chava Kintisch, Esquire
Director of Civic and Government Affairs
215-238-8070, extension 210 (voice)
877-375-7135 (TTY)

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Thank you,

Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania
Offices in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh