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July 25, 2014Alerts

Victory for Employment! DPW is Not Ending MAWD

Friends –

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (the Department) has announced that it will not end the Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities program, also known as MAWD.  The Department had originally proposed to end this important Medicaid program on January 1, 2015 as a part of the Governor’s “Healthy PA” proposal.

MAWD provides Medical Assistance coverage for persons with disabilities who are working.  MAWD also provides access to home and community-based services needed for work.  MAWD is the key to competitive employment for thousands of Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

At both the state and federal levels, the disability community and its allies vigorously opposed the ending of MAWD.  Preserving MAWD is a great victory for persons with disabilities!

The Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania urges the Department to promote and expand MAWD as well as to do all it can to make competitive employment a reality for every Pennsylvanian who has a disability.

For more information about the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania, including its Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program, go to

Thank you,

Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania
Offices in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh