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Litigation Spotlight

ADA Lawsuit Brought by DRP Results in Accessibility Changes to Philadelphia Restaurant

DRP successfully resolved an Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit brought on behalf of Philadelphia resident and businessowner Michele Leahy against Garces Restaurant Group, 2401 Walnut Café LLC, 2401 Walnut, LP, and the Bedrock Group, Inc. Ms. Leahy, who uses a wheelchair, visited the restaurant 24 located at 2401 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, and was unable to enter through the restaurant’s newly-constructed front entrance since it was built with two steps and no ramp. Many barriers, including a backdoor ramp in disrepair, made even the rear entrance inaccessible. Although attempts to resolve this matter without legal action were unsuccessful, after DRP filed the lawsuit, the building’s owner agreed to construct a ramp at 24’s front entrance and make accessibility modifications to the rear entrance and parking lot. Ms. Leahy and others with mobility disabilities now have equal access to this public accommodation.

The lawsuit is captioned Leahy v. Garces Restaurant Group, et al., Civ. A. No. 2:17-00968 (E.D. Pa.).