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Advocacy Spotlight

DRP Assists Student in Obtaining Nurse for Field Trip

DRP successfully advocated for an Allegheny County high school student to be provided with a nurse while on an overnight, multi-day field trip.  The student has diabetes and needs assistance managing her blood sugar. Although she has a 504 plan that states that a nurse is to provide care related to “all aspects of diabetes care to make sure [the student] is safe” and that a nurse will be available to the student at school and during “all school-sponsored field trips,” the school district was refusing to provide a nurse for the trip, claiming that the trip was not school sponsored.  As a result, even though the parents had fully paid for the trip, the student was not going to be able to attend.  After DRP reached out to the school district and explained the applicable law, the school district reconsidered and agreed to provide a nurse.