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Advocacy Spotlight

DRP Assists Veteran with Disabilities Advocate for Elimination of Service Dog Restrictions

DRP successfully advocated on behalf of a Beaver County woman who was being told that her service dog would have to keep its paws on the ground at her American Legion post.  Latisha Wagner has a service dog that is trained to help her manage her blood sugar and control shaking related to her PTSD.  Mrs. Wagner keeps her dog on her lap or on her husband’s lap.

Mrs. Wagner contacted DRP after she was told that she could not keep her service dog in her lap or her husband’s lap.  DRP contacted the American Legion and assisted Mrs. Wagner in explaining that service dogs do not have to stay on the floor and that a person with a disability is permitted to be assisted in the control of a service dog.  As a result of DRP’s direct advocacy combined with Mrs. Wagner’s self-advocacy based on information provided by DRP, the restrictions on Mrs. Wagner’s service dog have been lifted.