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Advocacy Spotlight

DRP Assists Youth in Obtaining Community-Based Housing and Services

DRP successfully advocated on behalf of a teenage boy, who has been living in a residential treatment facility (“RTF”) for almost five years, to secure Medicaid waiver funding so he can transition out of the facility and into a community-based program much closer to his family.  The youth’s parent contacted DRP when plans for her son to move out of the RTF and into a safe, provider-operated home that meets all his complex needs fell apart after his home county suddenly announced that it did not have the funding to pay for the program.  DRP immediately contacted the RTF, and then worked with its family advocate, the county, and the State’s Office of Developmental Programs to identify a willing provider to serve this youth and secure Consolidated Waiver funding to pay for his program.  The RTF will now work with the provider to develop a discharge plan while progress is made to find and staff the youth’s new home.