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Litigation Spotlight

DRP Lawsuit Preserves the Right of People with Disabilities to Seek Reserved Residential Parking Spaces in Conway Borough

RP successfully resolved a lawsuit brought on behalf of five residents of Conway Borough who have physical disabilities, ensuring equal access to on-street residential parking for plaintiffs and other Conway residents with disabilities. The lawsuit alleged that Conway Borough violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by revoking the designated, reserved accessible parking spaces it had previously authorized in front of the plaintiffs’ homes. Under the consent decree negotiated by DRP, the Borough is required to maintain the plaintiffs’ accessible parking spaces for as long as they need them. In addition, the Borough is required to evaluate any new requests for reserved residential parking spaces for people with disabilities and to grant them when they are necessary and not a fundamental alteration of the Borough’s on-street residential parking program.

The lawsuit is captioned McLaughlin, et al. v. Borough of Conway, Pennsylvania, Civ. A. No 2:17-cv-00659-DSC (W.D. Pa.).