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Advocacy Spotlight

DRP Successfully Advocates for Accessibility Improvements at University Ice Rink

DRP was contacted by a woman with physical impairments who uses a walker and cane and, at times, a wheelchair for mobility.  Both of her children play ice hockey and are involved in hockey programs that are held at the University of Pennsylvania Class of 1923 Ice Rink.  The woman notified DRP of architectural accessibility barriers at the ice rink after she was denied a parking accommodation necessitated by the barriers.  After DRP contacted the University’s legal counsel, the University agreed to make accessibility improvements to the ice rink and hired an architect who conducted a survey of the entire facility to identify other accessibility barriers.  So far, the University has installed new wheelchair accessible parking, new curb ramps, and a temporary ramp to provide access to the lower-level entrance of the for people with mobility impairments.  Moving forward, the University has agreed to install a permanent ADA-compliant ramp to the entrance and to make any other necessary accessibility improvements required by the Americans with Disabilities Act in accordance with the findings of their architect.