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Advocacy Spotlight

DRP Successfully Advocates for Hard of Hearing Student in Need of Assistive Listening Device

DRP contacted a private middle school on behalf of a student with profound hearing loss in need of an assisted listening device in order to hear effectively during class.  The school gave the student preferential seating close to his teachers; however, this was not sufficient to ensure that the student could hear and participate effectively.   The school asserted it had no obligation to provide an assisted listening device and that the responsibility belonged to the local intermediate unit and/or the student’s local school district. After DRP explained to the private school that it was required to comply with Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act by providing auxiliary aids required for effective communication, the school provided the requested assisted listening device for the student.  The student’s teachers now have a microphone to wear that transmits sound directly to the student by earphone or speaker on his desk. This use of assistive technology will allow the student to hear effectively.