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45 Years of Impact Spotlight

Fighting for Accessible Transportation

DRP filed Hardin v. SEPTA in 1991 to address SEPTA’s violations of Title II of the ADA by failing to assure that its drivers announce stops to accommodate persons with visual impairments.  We reached a successful settlement of that case.

In 1993, DRP filed James v. SEPTA, challenging SEPTA’s failure to assure that its bus lifts were usable and operable during service.  DRP settled the case and SEPTA agreed to take steps to improve the operation of the bus lifts e.g., testing before use, and taking buses with inoperable lifts off the street until repaired.  After DRP pursued SEPTA non-compliance, SEPTA agreed to independent monitoring and payment of fines to Plaintiff if it failed to comply with meet the stringent lift standards.

In 1998, DRP settled Reed, et al. v. SEPTA, to address SEPTA’s failure to install accessibility features, including wheelchair lifts, on remanufactured buses for extended service.  SEPTA agreed to add 23 accessible buses to the City Division to increase the number of accessible buses available.