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Litigation Spotlight

Philadelphia Place of Public Accommodation Constructs Ramp, Providing Equal Access to Wheelchair User and Resolving Lawsuit Brought by DRP

Disability Rights Pennsylvania resolved an Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit brought by DRP on behalf of Philadelphia resident Joyce Farria against Smak Parlour, Inc. and CVA Properties, LLC. Ms. Farria, who uses a wheelchair, was unable to enter the Old City Philadelphia boutique, Smak Parlour, which sells clothing and accessories, due to a four-inch step at Smak Parlour’s entrance. After DRP filed the lawsuit, the building’s owner agreed to construct ramps at Smak Parlour and the dry cleaning business in the same building. Ms. Farria and others with mobility disabilities now have full and equal access to these public accommodations.

The lawsuit is captioned Farria v. Smak Parlour, Inc., et al. (Civil Action No. 15-4105 E.D. Pa.).