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Program Goals and Objectives

DRP Wants to Hear from You on COVID 19 and other Disability Rights Issues!

On Monday, April 5, 2021, Disability Rights of Pennsylvania (DRP) started its public comment period for our fiscal year 2022 annual program goals and objectives. DRP invites public feedback on the issues that matter most to individuals with disabilities, along with their families and organizations supporting them.  August 1, 2021, is the final day to offer public comments. DRP will also be hosting 8 forums for community members to communicate with DRP on our Goals and Objectives. If you would like to be notified of upcoming forums, join our mailing list for upcoming information on how to register.

Specifically, DRP asks to hear your ideas about the impact of COVID-19, and any associated advocacy that should be facilitated because of the virus, the vaccination process, as well as current, new, and emerging issues since last year’s comment period:

  • how we can ensure the protection of civil and human rights,
  • training opportunities we should make available for people with disabilities, family members, and for people who provide supports and the general community

DRP is the federally authorized, protection and advocacy system, in Pennsylvania to provide legal and advocacy services to persons with disabilities.

DRP staff works diligently statewide to:

  • improve disability service and social systems
  • work to ensure civil rights and to empower the community
  • provide technical and training assistance

Thank you for your participation! If you would like to participate in this year’s survey, click here.

You can find our Goals and Objectives for FY 2021 here.