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Board FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the Disability Rights Pennsylvania Board of Directors! Below are some frequently asked questions about the Board.

For answers to additional questions you may have, please contact Samyra Bethune at

What is the process for joining the DRP Board of Directors?

Click here to fill out a board application. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted to set up a date and time. Interviews take place by phone. Once you are interviewed, your application will be presented to the Board for a vote at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Not everyone who submits an application is interviewed and not everyone who is interviewed is voted onto the Board.

How often does the Board meet?

The Board meets four times annually in DRP’s Harrisburg office and once annually in January by phone. Board meetings take place generally on the first Friday in March, June, September, and December. Board meeting dates for the upcoming year are set at the December board meeting.

When do board meetings start and how long do they last?

Board meetings start at 10am and generally run until 2pm. Sometimes they end sooner, sometimes later. It depends on the amount of material the Board needs to review and discuss.

What if I can’t attend a board meeting in person?

While in-person attendance at board meetings is preferred, we do understand that things come up that may prevent you from travelling to Harrisburg – weather, family illness, other emergency. If you are unable to travel to Harrisburg, you may go to one of DRP’s other offices if that is more convenient and participate via video-conference or you may call-in and participate by phone.

Is there a fee to join the DRP Board of Directors and am I expected to make an annual contribution to DRP?

There is no fee to join DRP’s Board of Directors. There is however, an expectation of 100% board participation in DRP’s annual fundraising efforts. Each board member is expected to make an annual financial contribution to DRP consistent with his or her own financial means. There is no required minimum contribution.

What will my time commitment be once I’m on the Board?

In addition to quarterly board meetings, each board member is expected to actively serve on at least one board committee. The meeting schedule for each committee varies.

How will I know what will be discussed at each board meeting?

Prior to each board meeting, you will receive materials relevant to the upcoming board meeting. Board members are expected to review all materials in advance of each board meeting and bring questions, if any, to the board meeting.

Will DRP cover expenses I may incur related to attending a board meeting?

Yes. DRP will reimburse all reasonable expenses related to your attendance at board meetings. This includes hotel, mileage, train ticket, etc. Lunch is also provided the day of each board meeting.

What is the dress code for board meetings?

Business casual dress is appropriate for board meetings.