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Board of Directors

The governing board for Disability Rights Pennsylvania (DRP) must be comprised of between 14 and 21 individuals who are diverse in terms of age, ethnicity, geographical location, gender, and disability.

A majority of board members must be individuals with disabilities or have an immediate family member with a disability. The Board makes every effort to ensure that board appointments reflect the ethnic, racial, geographic, and disability diversity of Pennsylvania. Board members are appointed based on a demonstrated interest and experience in issues affecting Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

Board of Directors Officers FY 2018 — Officers

Charles Giambrone, Chair
Erie County, Advocate 

Sarah Mitchell, Vice Chair
Montgomery County, Consultant, Advocate

Lucille Piggott-Prawl, Secretary
Monroe County, Advocate

Erin Coleman, Treasurer
Chester County, Attorney

Board of Directors FY 2018 — Members at Large

Joyce Bender
Allegheny County, Advocate

Kimberly Caputo
Bucks County, Advocate, Attorney

Glenn Coyle
Bucks County, Advocate

Kathy Custren
Blair County, Advocate

Suzanne ErbMember at Large
Philadelphia County, Advocate

Lawrence Kubey
Allegheny County, Self-advocate

Mary Hartley
Allegheny County, Advocate

Angela J. Longo
Allegheny County, Non-profit Consultant and Community Volunteer

Shirley Keith-Knox
Cumberland County, Advocate

Leslie Kelly, Chair, MHAC
Blair County, Self-Advocate

Kenneth Oakes, Immediate Past Chair
Philadelphia County, Educational Consultant

Dr. David Thomas
Delaware County, Advocate